Mango Racing’s Design Philosophy


Kayak Design

At Mango Racing we have firm ideas about kayak design. We believe a good kayak should offer an elegant synthesis of form and function.


Let’s be honest, a great kayak needs to be a thing of beauty, it needs to provide a sense of purpose even before it hits the water and it needs to fill its owner with motivation, pride and satisfaction that the right choice has been made.

Mango Racing offer a wide range of kayaks, each one of which is an object of love. Careful design considerations go into all our models, above and below the waterline as well as inside the cockpit. Needless to say we offer eye-catching colour schemes that will create envy amongst kayak connoisseurs.


Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but function is an absolute. If one of our kayak designs doesn’t perform, it won’t make the range.

But what is performance? That depends on the model; our touring sea kayaks are all about stability, dependability and comfort. At the other end of the scale, we offer performance skis that accelerate like blazes and turn on a dime.

If you’re not sure what kind of craft you need, please feel free to talk to us about your current paddling activities as well as your ambitions and we’ll help you to narrow down your search. A few test paddles will do the rest.

Quality speaks loudly

So much for function, what about longevity – there’s no point buying your object of affection if it won’t last the distance. At Mango Racing, we have spent many years perfecting kayak production, having honed our skills building literally hundreds of boats.

Over this time we have evolved from a hands-on operation in Bondi, Sydney to the offshore quality-controlled factory perfection we now offer. Quality is built into the dna of each kayak, from the choice of composites through the moulding and vacuum infusion processes right down to the choice and fitment of details and accessories.

Every component, every step and every finish has been considered, tested, improved and standardised. We’ve been at this for many years; we stand by our products, so that you, in turn, can enjoy them for just as long.